What is the difference between real down and a synthetic filling?

Synthetic fabric – the filling most often used in mass production – may be cheaper, but it cannot match the quality of a natural filling. By selecting only the very best goose down, we at Fja-Oeyen create a perfect duvet for an excellent night’s sleep. A handmade down duvet by Fja-Oeyen is an investment that pays off – for you and for your sleep.



Synthetic filling

+ excellent insulation

- poor insulation

+ wonderfully light

- feels heavy

+ easy to wash

- difficult to clean

+ anti-allergic

- breeding ground for dust mites


Natural down offers the best insulation


The biggest – and most important! – difference is insulation. Down is light, supple and airy. This means that a down duvet offers excellent insulation, because air is the best insulation material. Moisture circulates easily through the duvet and does not get trapped in the filling. This feels pleasant to the touch and ensures that the duvet does not get dirty. Synthetic fillings, on the other hand, are not very good at insulating, which makes the duvet feel clammy quite quickly. This means that dirt also builds up in the filling and the quality of the duvet quickly deteriorates.


Lots of volume, with less filling


Natural down clusters are large and trap more air. This means that you need less down to make a duvet that has more volume and yet is blissfully light. For a synthetic duvet to provide sufficient insulation, you need more filling and therefore more weight. In addition, synthetic duvets are susceptible to considerable wear and tear. This means that the filling loses volume and thickness. A natural product is therefore the best investment, because it has a longer life span!


Synthetic down is difficult to clean


Synthetic duvets can only be washed as a whole. When you wash synthetic duvets, you actually only really clean the shell. It also acts as a kind of filter so that the dirt stays trapped in the filling. With a goose down duvet by Fja-Oeyen, you can rest assured that it will stay beautiful and dust-mite free for years to come! An invigorating soapy wash every seven years is enough to keep enjoying the same quality for a lifetime!


Down is ideal if you have allergies


Due to the inferior quality of synthetic fillings, they are the ideal breeding ground for dust mites. This is not at all the case with a 100% down filling, because dust mites simply do not have the chance to nest in it. So you can count on a wonderful night’s sleep and avoid allergic symptoms.

The best shell for your duvet

100% percale cotton treated with an anti-aging finish based on aloe vera

Aloe vera

A luxurious finish for those who like to sleep like royalty


Firmer fabric for heavier down fillings


Other factors that play a role in the perfect night's rest


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